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Affiliate Marketing Training 

The following information is intended to assist you with your online marketing efforts and help you with your affiliate marketing training. The information provided has proven to work for online marketers and are the way most marketers started making money online and or continue to do so along with their other methods used to sell their affiliate products.

Many people simply do not know where to start and that many of the products out there today assume that we all know everything already. So going forward and by the end of this affiliate marketing training and finish this you should have no doubt that you can generate an income online. It will take some commitment on your part but with anything else in life to be successful at takes an effort.

Picking a niche:

Many people when picking a niche and product to sell online think with their heart rather than their head. Please avoid this mistake because it will more than likely cause you to fail.

You need to pick a product that is going to make you some money. After all that's the whole point right? But how on earth do you know which product is going to accomplish this for you? There are no real 100% sure fire ways of knowing this but there are ways that will give you a better chance and opportunity if you know what to look for. I am going to discuss the products on clickbank to make this easy to understand.

  1. Gravity - This can be found on the products description on clickbank. The number suggests how many affiliates have actually sold at least one unit of this particular product. The higher the number the more likely the product is selling and the sales page is converting. However the higher the number the more affiliates are selling the product and the more competition. Many Clickbank affiliates who offer advise on this suggests its a good idea to start with products that have a gravity of at least 40. This number suggest the product is converting but isn't over saturated with affiliates selling the product. 
  2. Sales Page - Take a look at the sales page and go through it thoroghly yourself. Does it make you want to whip your wallet out and buy it if you were in the marketin for this product? Does it look professional? Does it interest you?
  3. Information - How much information about this product is readily available online. Open up a browser and type in a keyphrase that would represent your product if someone was looking for it and see what comes up. You may want to try several searches. Are the first things that comes up tutorials offering free step by step information? If so you probably do not want to target that particular product. Our goal to get to the first page in Google and ultimately the first spot in Google, which gets over 40% of the clicks on that page. If the information you want to sell can be found for free on the first page there's probably a good chance they will not buy when they can get it for free. But if there is not much free information but some information for you to do research with to generate articles, squidoo pages, or hubpages then there's a good chance you have a product you can sell and make money.
  4. Resources - Many times when you find a product you like from Clickbank there will be 3-4 other merchants who sell the same thing. Look for the ones that provide good articles, graphs, free reports, and other resources that will assist you marketing your product.  Do not overlook this when picking an affiliate product. Some will go as far as giving you a list of keywords to use in marketing the product which always helps.
All of the above can help you in making your decision on which products you want to market online. The most important one is probably the sales pages and the information. Make sure that the sales page flows from begining to end and if you find yourself thinking "who the hell wrote this page?" Then you should skip over this particular product and look at another similar one.

Look at the headline and ask youself if it grabs you and gives your prospects plenty of opportunity to make a purchase. It should not be hard for the buyer to buy the product. Check to make the vendor is collecting email addresses on a squeeze page. This is important as you will still get credit for the sale if the buyer doesnt buy the first time he's sent to the sales page. The vendor will do an email campaign trying to get the prospect back and when he purchases you will still get the sale. It's a good idea if they are collecting emails to sign up yourself so you can follow the emails and make sure your affiliate ID is showing up ensuring you will get credit for the sale. In the past this was a problem but for the most part now it isn't.

Obviously our goal is to find a niche that we can start making money on for years to come so make sure you do your homework and dont skip any of these steps.

Lets Get Started With Keyword Research

This is in my opinion the most important things we can do to set ourself up to make money online. It can be pretty time consuming but with the proper strategy will pay huge dividends. There are many tools out there that affiliate marketers use but I am going to suggest two in this case since everyone has access to them. The first one is Wordtracker. WordTrakcer is a good free tool to start with but keep in mind both tools im suggesting here basically makes guesses at daily and monthly search volume.

This whole strategy is what I have learned from a very successful internet marketer Ewen Chia. Just Google his name and you will get a lot of results about how successful of an internet marketer he is. The reason im telling you this is because I want you to know that this strategy I'm about to share with you is used by IM's such as Ewen in fact im basically stealing his teachings and rewording it for my affiliates so you can be successful online as well. In other words this strategy is proven to work!

Wordtracker reports results based upon daily search volume so if you see a 5 it would suggest this gets approximately 150 searches per month.


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